Steiner Safari Pro 10x26 Binoculars

I have another model of Steiner binoculars, and they are good quality.

These babies come with a 10 year warranty, have 4 stars on Amazon, and sell for at least $20 more there as well.

Excellent quality binocs, but not great for low light conditions, 2.6 mm exit pupil. Fine for bright daytime viewing, but you’d want a 10X50, or minimum 10X35 for dusk or in a dome.

General instruction manual for Steiner binoculars:

(Don’t bother with the rebate offers on their website. You had to buy by Dec. 31)

27 Reviews, 4.6 stars, $124.98 vs. $79.99 tonight

I have used these for hunting for several years. Stellar performance. Allowed me to spot a doe in cover at 167 yds and harvested her with my revolver.

Absolutely worth the price!

Not waterproof or fog proof. Not a deal at all. Shop any refurb place for binocs and get a better deal.

I bought these last time. Very disappointed for birding. The field is too small and does not allow enough light in to get a bright image. And the 10x allows for too much shake. Very touchy when adjusting for your eye width, too. If you want glasses for birding, look for a ratio of five to one as in 7x35, etc.

wow, great shot!! You must be on the Olympic pistol team.

Excellent quality, and great clarity. As others have noted, not waterproof, so not much good for snorkling.

Great for hunting or bird watching. My kids and I use these while hiking. Recommend highly.

You took out a deer with a 6-shooter from 167 yards? I want you on my zombie apocalypse team. :slight_smile:

He only said that he “spotted a doe in cover from 167 yards.” He didn’t say he shot from 167 yards away. Perhaps he snuck up real close and plugged the deer in the back of the head from arms length after seeing it taking cover from 167 yards away.

Helpful review on this site. It is actually the description, but it is a person review by the site owner.

I bought it after reading the review as I’m looking for a pair to take on a safari

I need a pair for football games and occasionally hiking trips but really don’t know much about binoculars .
Will someone kindly educate me with some helpful inputs ? Thanks guys.