Stem IZON View Wi-Fi Surv Cam - 2pk

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Stem IZON View Wi-Fi Surv Cam - 2pk
Price: $49.99
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7/26/2016 - $49.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (1 comments)

640x480 resolution in 2016? Seriously? 2005 called and she wants her security camera back.

I bought these a few weeks ago when they were offered. Set them up yesterday and they work great. Easy set up.

I bought one of these on a previous woot deal & wish I had bought more. Problem solved with this current deal!

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Tell us why!!

$29 each and free shipping on Hardly any discount at all buying here.

(plus the reviews show some appalling deficiencies)

[MOD: What you are looking at is the Izon 2.0. We’re selling the View. Comparison.]

… he wished he had bought more, but now the deal is up again, so he can buy more, thus “solving” his problem.

Smarty pants. :tongue:

I’m in for some. I just did a bunch of research though and some things I found:

  • 100 recordings can be saved on the cloud
  • You cannot download these recordings in any way
  • There is a per-camera limit of 25 recordings per day. After that, only a still picture is taken. In high-traffic areas you will burn through these
  • Recording quality is QVGA which is 320x240 and is 10FPS

On the flip side:

  • Night vision looks good
  • Lots of mounting options
  • Good microphone and decent color representation and contrast
  • Not much latency when live-viewing

I plan to use one as a baby monitor, 2 in the detached garage, and 1 overlooking the pool. Hopefully there will be a way to turn the camera off during the day so I can save the recordings for night time but if not the plan for the pool camera is to just cover it up during the day. We’ll see how it goes.

Just more focus on the camera’s design is exceptional and the magnet base makes it quite suitable and easy to maneuver without being a visual distraction like other cameras we have used.

I bought one last time. I’m in for more this time. I used it to see if my dog was barking. Sensitivity adjustments keep it from recording unless he barks. It will text me is it heard sound or motion the sensitivity level . I have it ignore motion because I am only worried about barking. Ambient noises are ignored. Live feed is excellent. At this price, this is a no-brainer.

and if you happen to only want just one:

Reference the Recording Quality:

QVGA 320x240@10fps (LIVE)
VGA 640x480@30fps (Recorded Playback Rate)

In for 3 sets (6 Cameras)

Could be useful for a motion detector; or a bank or gas station. They always have terrible security photos on the news.

This is a different model. The Amazon unit does not have night vision. Woot is offering the Stem View - much better unit

Is it really smartphone only? (iOS and Android) Or can I get at it from my Windows or OS-X Mac machines, too?

I occasionally get rats in my unfinished attic. Any thoughts if the motion detection will pick up something as small as a rat? Camera specs list temperature up to 130 degrees so heat is not a problem. At this price camera is disposable anyway. My exterminator claims that the problem is solved. I want to make sure.

I know some women who offer more Moutning options than these.