Stem IZON View Wi-Fi Surv Cam - 2pk

What model is this for the Stem IZON?

Izon View, which has night vision

I ordered 4 of these. As others have said in the past the setup is a little long. But once set it up it’s very easy to use. Quality isn’t amazing but good enough to make out faces. You can specify the motion and sound sensitivity or turn them on/off per camera easily. The only downfall right now is you can’t specify times of day to enable/disable alerts. But I talked to the izon people and they are already working on this

You get a rolling bank of 100 clips per camera, and you can save any number for permanent storage, but those saved ones count toward your use. You cannot download the videos and also after 25 videos per camera per day it will stop taking videos and start doing pics only. This should hopefully be hugely Improved with the timer settings

Night vision is usable but not amazing. It’s actually low-light-vision so you still need a bit of light

Mounting is very versatile

From the Izon support web site:

“IZON cameras are only compatible with the iOS or Android app. For security, they are not accessible through web browsers, on PC computers, or Mac computers.”

Locked in to mobile only, IZON cloud only. Meaning it won’t work with video management software or through a desktop browser.

Makes these pretty much useless for regular use.

Wait, so this MUST connect to a local WiFi network? How does it transmit to the phone then over cellular? Or does it not do that? I’m confused. Where do the videos get stored?

I have a neighbor who’s dog has been pooping in front my house once or twice a year. Is this good enough to put at my window to catch him/her 25 feet away? Will it record and save the video if I’m not able to get a push notification and watch every movement during the day?

I see a couple questions here. The Izon Page has some good basic info on how it works.

Just received these last night. Both went offline in middle of night. Reset and they will not come back online. These are junk in my opinion.

Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Support Form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. They should be able to help you.