Stem IZON View Wi-Fi Surv Cam - 2pk

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Stem IZON View Wi-Fi Surv Cam - 2pk
Price: $49.99
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Condition: New


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2 way talk?

21% 1-star reviews says “stay away” to me.

I also am not pulling the trigger on this purchase without knowing if there is two way talk. I have 2 dogs that freak out when left home alone, even destroying crates or anything in reach of crate… I need to tell them they are grounded (or at least get them to shut up by hearing me.

Not much of a gift when they have them on Amazon for $28.99!

Sam’s club has them for $54.30 + tax. Refund can be slow for online purchases but if you are on the fence it gives a safety net.

Good to know- the Amazon price posted above is not for a pair in brand new condition with full warranty btw… if its to good to be true it is.

Got 4 total cameras a couple weeks ago. Setup with the QRcode didn’t work with any of the cameras, but the manual setup was simple. All four cameras worked a couple days, but then two of them dropped off the network. Tried refreshing, nothing. Tried re-setting them and they appear to return to the factory “ready to go” setting, but when trying to manually (or QR code) set them up, the IZON “device” network does not appear like it used to. I think the wi-fi on these two died. Anyway, 50% isn’t such a good record. The other two are still working just fine. They are a neat little device and are best utilized as a nanny-cam, or as a hidden security camera in a spot where you want a short video of the face of your intruder (hide it in a closet—you’ll get lots of videos of you entering the closet, but you’ll also get a good head-shot of your intruder). If you want a security camera for a frequently-used room, go elsewhere. They work well for what I wanted—at the price.

They don’t have two-way talk. You can watch stills, watch live (with sound) at medium quality, or record (with sound) at full quality.

Sadly, no.

If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance about the two cameras that ceased working.

Depends what you want. I have not had any quality issues with mine (4 units) whatsoever, so I imagine this was just a mismatch of features.

  • 25 recordings uploaded to the cloud per day per camera max, after that they are sent as stills
  • 100 total recordings can be stored on cloud at one time, and you can “save” any number of those. Each saved one just means one less slot available for normal clip rotation. Not sure if this is per-camera or per-account, I never save them very long
  • You cannot download the videos
  • You can stream up to 5 minutes direct feed to your phone over the internet (through their servers), or over wifi only as long as you want
  • Quality is good enough to make out a face, maybe a license plate depending on lighting, but is no go-pro
  • Night vision is really low-light vision, but does work reasonably well
  • Mounting options are fantastic, due to the swivel magnetic base
  • I installed 2 of mine on the ceiling of a nursery and powered by one of those light bulb outlet sockets, works great. Comes with a long cord
  • 10 minute setup, after that it’s very easy to use
  • Zone-programmable motion sensor with sensitivity adjustment, and sound sensor with sensitivity adjustment
  • Customer service says that a feature is coming soon to enable/disable the sensors at certain times of the day (to avoid wasting clip uploads during non-essential hours)
  • Does not contain a speaker for 2-way communication
  • 2.4GHz network only, I had to get a mini AP to add 2.4GHz to my garage since it was 5GHz only

The $28.99 figure is for the Izon Stem, not hte Izon View, it’s a lower quality camera.

I thought I was the only one with separation anxiety ridden four legged terrors! Been looking for a while for 2-way cams.