Step 2: Sarcasm

Your favorite subject! Congratulations on your dry wit & sarcastic 1st place win, Krittikae! :slight_smile:

Perfect for the next status meeting.


Congrats on the win! Solid design

Psha! You don’t even have to ask a question, sometimes.

This shirt says: Oh look at me, I’m making people happy. I’m the magical man from happy land in a gumdrop house on lollipop laaaaane.

Congrats on the print, Krittikae! I’m totally not jealous you took first place. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Thanks for voting everybody! I loved so many shirts in this derby, that I am truly surprised. What a way to start the weekend!

I just gotta chime in and tell you all that I am so proud of my wife for her first 1st place main derby win. Thanks to all who voted for her shirt. This kind of good news is exactly what we needed this week.

+1 sale here! Great shirt lol.

Thanks! Do you know anyone in Alaska or South Dakota? Those blanks on the map are annoying.

YAY! Alaska down, just South Dakota to go.

THANK YOU SOUTH DAKOTA! Now I’ve sold to every state with this design!