Stephen King's "Cell"


Anyone else read it yet?

The man still has one bizarre mind, no doubt…

But is it just me…or has he lost the edge he once had, somewhere along the way???


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I didn’t read it, but The Wall Street Journal had a review on Thursday. The review was titled
Phoning It In. It ends with “He seems to dare us to call him sloppy. OK, Steve, you’re sloppy.”

I guess it is not just you!


He was once the fastest writer on earth. Of course he’s sloppy.


Always remember kiddies, fast = sloppy, so take it sloooow.


But seriously, is it worth reading? I haven’t got to it yet.


Yet, he’s very kind to writers wanting to adapt his short stuff for scripts.


You would think he could live off of stand by me.

That is nice of him. Most successful people in any field are arrogant.


Thank goodness no one here is successful, then!!!



Unless success is measured in…



Well, even then, only a few are modestly successful . . .


Or bags of crap! Or both!


I’ve had three. (Snicker)


I’ve heard.


Haven’t read it yet, but then again I haven’t gone to the book store in quite some time.

Might wait to get it when it comes out in paperback though. Not sure yet.


Wasn’t sure whether you knew that or not.


You told me once or twice.

or three times

or four…


Well, just in case you had forgotten.


No, Poof, I have not forgotten that you have had THREE BOC and I have had …



and you have a monkey


Interesting premise, but definitely not vintage King. I love S.K. but I agree fast = sloppy. Like he was trying overtime on the current events too. Everything from Katrina to wry political references. He usually has better writing (the man can turn a sentence) even if the story gets lame. Plus it’s one of those make up your own ending deals that’s like waiting up for a good woot and then seeing monster cables. Talk about a letdown.
Me thinks he had this great idea and then just churned out a storyline to fit it, but I could be wrong. Oh well, he got my money this time and I’m sure he’ll get it next time too – I’m terminally hooked – but I might wait for the paperback next time. Grisham’s another one that disappointed me with his last book. I didn’t even finish it. Maybe I just didn’t make it to the good part. Oh well, I guess they can’t be on point all the time.