Stereo Audio Amplifier

Stereo Audio Amplifier

The third photo shows several parts detached from the circuit board. Is this a kit requiring completion of those few parts, or does it require complete assembly of all parts?

Hi there. These are being pulled from Amazon inventory so we don’t have a lot of information.

Each order comes with one MAX9744 breakout board with all surface-mount parts fully assembled and tested, 3 x 2pin and 1 x 3pin terminal blocks, a 470uF power filter capacitor and 1KΩ trim potentiometer.
Note: To use this board, a little soldering is required to attach the terminal blocks and other components, but its fairly easy and expect it should take less than 15 minutes

Could be a fun little piece of kit. Looks like you will need to add a 5v to 12v power supply depending on your application.


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This is an Adafruit board. It’s typically just the board. You can check the Adafruit site for more details.