Stereo system advice

So, I will openly admit that I know essentially nothing about stereo systems, however I tend to be fairly decent with computers and the like (network administrator / programmer by profession). I picked up a Klipsch quintet set from woot the other day and it arrived and I had a “now what” moment.

(Woot in question: )

I have a few things that I’d love to hook up to it (laptop computer or perhaps my tv, the laptop being a bit more important to me) and I really have no idea how to do that.

Can someone explain this to me in small little steps like I’m about 5 years old so I can get above water on this?

Also, I figure that I should probably buy a sub for this system, any recommendations there?

Thanks a ton guys!

This sounds like a great question for Ask the Community over on deals.woot! Maybe start a thread there and see what they can do to help?

Well there - first and foremost these seem to be designed for use with an A/V receiver, like the Denon or Pioneer 5.1 from earler Woot offerings (IMHO go for the Denon).

I can’t address any PC usage (analog vintage guy here) but rather than prattle on here about the receiver connection steps, I’ll be happy to help further if I can.