Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set

How much would it cost to fill all of these with Jelly Beans?

Reviews over at Amazon

Glass or Plastic?

Sure looks like plastic to me, and they mention BPA-free, which isn’t even a question with glass.

Under $100. But to empty them after would cost diabetes.

I ordered these thru Amazon deal of the day deals, OF Course I paid MORE, not happy about that at all.

It was only a $5 difference with shipping added to this order.

Anyway, these are plastic, and I love them, they seal great, I wash them in the dishwasher, use them in the microwave (not the cover), and the big ones hold a very lot of food.
the tab on the top of these is great to get the air out, well made, they stack very well, I highly recommend them. If they were a little cheaper on here I would buy another set without hesitation.

I would have ordered 2 of these to begin with for this price.

Hey woot how about letting me order another one and waiving the shipping ??

A Very Lot Of Food!
Waive the shipping? Why? You’re Special?

Will these stain permanently with storage of tomato sauce based contents the way most plastics do?

These look like cheap knockoffs of “Lock & Lock” containers. I’ve gone through my share of rubbermaid, sterilite…etc. My L&L has lasted over 4 years now. No stains, no broken lids…

Quite a bit more if you go with Jelly Bellys.

Plastic. I have a set.

I buy Sterilite products a lot. I like that they’re made in the USA.

It is exceedingly difficult to make hinges out of glass.

Those folding plastic hinges would also eliminate these from consideration for our house.

  1. lack of long term durability.
  2. extra effort to latch four points vs simple tops.

On the plus side, those latches likely make for a better seal if you like saving food for weeks in the fridge.

We’ll stick with our red-top Rubbermaid’s - available everywhere including here on Woot occasionally… Even on Mars.

I own both, and I think the Sterlite’s are better quality. Can’t comment on stain-resistance since I’ve never put anything tomato based in either.

OH!!! If you don’t want tomato sauce to stain plastic, spray with non-stick cooking spray first! :slight_smile:

I’ve rarely encountered stains from storage in the fridge. I’ve found the big culprit leading to those stains is when folks insist on heating tomato sauces in plastic containers.

Do you have to remove the rubber seal every time you put it in the dishwasher? I think I had a 2 of these once, and I thought it was a pain to remove the rubber seal, wash that by hand, and then replace it once the top and bottom came out of the dishwasher. I think if you put the seal in the dishwasher, it dries it out; is that right?

Good question. I bought the Lock n Lock a few years ago and wonder the same thing. I just make sure I never fill them too high, nor do I tilt the containers so food should never touch the seal. So following this I never have had to take the seal out for cleaning. I hand clean them and let them air dry for a couple of days (to make sure the seals are dry).

By the way, the L&L make great storage containers for my small RV. I use them to store all my wires, AC adapters, electronics etc. And because the are almost a perfect square or rectangle, the are close to 100% efficient in storage (also means they will not nest, in this case a good thing).

Do the plastic bins nest inside each other for easy storage? I dont have cabinet room to store them with lids attached.