Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set

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Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set
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Do these containers nest (stack one inside the other)?

Per the description: Containers with the same color accent can stack and nest inside one another for efficient use of space.

I bought a set of these recently and I would love them if the lids would stay snapped down. There are about half a dozen lids so far that at least one of the 4 sides of the lid will not stay closed. I wonder if all of them will be that way eventually. Very disappointing.

Great for daily use at home.

I bought these last time and I love them. I have had no problems with them sealing and they snap closed very easily. Each color coded size stacks and there are three stacks in my cupboard.

I bought these last time as well. They are very handy, and the vents allow you to keep the lids on while reheating in the microwave. The food cooks more thoroughly and faster than my old method of placing a paper towel over the food to prevent splattering.

Pro tip - Always wash these in the top rack of the dishwasher. They may be safe on the lower rack, but my experience with plastic food containers is their lifespan is severely reduced when washed with very hot water.

Still mourning the loss of the original RubberMaid ServinSavers with the blue lids; the containers were heavy-duty HDPE with a space-efficient rectangular (as opposed to “attractive” but stooopid circular) shape, the lids were interchangeable across various capacity containers, you could fill them nearly to the rims and they still sealed tightly, etc. Newer RubberMaid products are a tragic example of the dainbramaged “It was working, so we fixed it!” mentality. Have tried many other brands/designs over the years but, at present, there’s nothing out there that Just Works. Sterilite products usually seem to be cheezy and their resins often seem inferior; I’ve borrowed some of the ones offered here from friends for a test drive and wouldn’t buy them…

I have had that happen too and suspect it has something to do with the dishwasher heating up the plastic.

I could just be bad design/materials; the current offerings from RubberMaid (with the deep-red lids) pop open if you just speak sharply in their vicinity.

I bought these last time as well and I love them. The color coding makes it so that I don’t have to spend time trying to figure out what lid is going to fit my container.

I’ve bought some of these many, many, woots ago and have added more since and I love 'em.

Washing them on the top rack is the best option, and I keep a bent paper clip in my kitchen windowsill to help pop out the rubber seal.

Just like all plastic containers, as long as you don’t nuke anything with an ultra high fat content you won’t see too much staining in these things…

I’m not a big commenter on Woot, and the last time I commented was on this product. I’m just that big a fan of them. I love them. The color coordinated lids massively help keep me organized and I have had no trouble keeping them snapped down.

I will say my dog got a hold of one of the containers and chewed the color accent right off, but that was more my fault, but it did make me realize they are just snapped on there.

Write Sterlite and include a picture in your email of the issue. I’m sure they’ll send you additional lids. These blow molded / injection molded plastic polymers cost them cents on the dollar to make.

Or acids (tomato sauce, tomato bases (soups, entrees), etc.)

It will stain and etch the plastic permanently. Glaslock / Pyrex doesn’t have this problem but then again those products are 4x more expensive for not much more benefit.

That depends. If you need basic, sealable, food storage (or even small household knick-knack and art supply storage) these serve the purpose well and are fit for use.

Is there better out there, sure. Will you pay a lot more, sure.

But as for the “It’s working so let’s fix it” mindset - I agree. Leave a great design the h*ll alone! Nalgene has made torrid amounts of money and hasn’t changed their basic bottle design in 40-50 years. Why? Because it’s simple and it works very well.