Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set

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Sterilite 36Pc Ultra-Seal Food Storage Set
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Sep 23 to Monday, Sep 26) + transit
Condition: New


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I’ve been eyeing this for the past couple of weeks. Glad I set up an alert for it. Comments in a lot of previous sale threads show that wooters are happy with these.

Nice Price Reduction!

Dammit, I bought these during the woot off…

Bought a set of these at Costco a couple of years ago. They’re great, but nowhere near $75 retail. I think I paid $30.

Anyone know if these stain easily?

In for two. I have a single piece of this set I bought about eight months ago and love it. The snaps are still like new. The air hole is a nice addition and the rubber plug is also still in perfect shape.

RE: Do they stain?

Not at all - I have a set I bought a few years back and they’re still all good. So good in fact that they deserve friends. So I’m going to buy more :smiley:

Me too :frowning:

Anyone know if these are BPA free?

Yep. Listed as such on the Sterilite webpage.

I’ve bought these a couple of times. Wasn’t happy with the sizes provided a few months ago.

I use those to store chicken chicken with garlic and tumeric. Those did stain. I’ve used them for other stuff and the staining is not bad.

I bought this exact set a few weeks ago for about $10 more.

For $20, I recommend buying them.

Oh look another significant price drop on something I just purchased from woot a month ago.

You’re welcome to email with your order info and situation; CS can review your account and any available options.

Bought mine last time and they work pretty good. Don’t store food in it with Franks hot sauce or it will stain!

I do however feel cheated it is 19.99 down from what I paid at 29.99.

Woot… refunds?

Exactly. Woot playing with our emotions. I bought this set @$30, 2 weeks ago and had to use a $10 discount code they gave me to eschew the profit they make on shipping cost.

Now they’re slashing prices by 30% a week later.

They do not if used only for storage. However, do not heat up, or store on a prolonged basis, highly acidic or overly fatty foods or they will etch and discolor / grain the plastic.

Franks Hot Sauce = vinegar.
Vinegar = acid.
Acid = etching.

Glass or Nalgene polymer are about the only thing that will not etch over time.

I too bought this set a few weeks ago for $10 more. So far I’ve been satisfied overall. I did have some minor staining microwaving some BBQ shredded chicken. Also, I already have a lid that isn’t snapping closed with 100% confidence for me. Seems to be barely catching. I can’t blame it on a dishwasher because mine have never been in the dishwasher. I’ve only washed by hand every time.