Sterilite Kitchen Storage

It looks like that Sterilite 20-piece Ultra-Seal set is only $17.99 at Target (note: the pic of all units doen’t match the pic on the box, which is this set):

Not available in stores. $7.32 shipping to me.

So Woot is 32 cents cheaper($19.99 + $5 shipping)…aw, Ms. Thunder Lady, Woot used to do better than that…

Thank you for the link. I used my Red Card & received 5% discount & free shipping :slight_smile:

Don’t buy unless you have tons of storage. They do not stack


The place to come - to find where it’s cheaper elsewhere!

Seems like a design flaw. Thanks for the heads up!

I have the 20 piece ultra seal set and they both stack and nest, but only within their respective colors. So the purple circular ones stack, green rectangular ones stack, blue square ones stack.

I’ve been really happy with them and have had them for about a year and a half now with near constant usage.

Are they stain resistant? or do they look like crap after the microwave does its job.

I just saw someone with this today. Seems to be made of polypropylene, which is a safe plastic but stains. The only ones that seem to resist stains are the hard plastics like polycarbonate, which was widely used until it was found out to leech bpa. Now the hard plastic used by name brands has Tritan plastic, which according to their own study, does not leech bpa.

I have some and don’t like them (I bought the Pyrex set last week to replace them, actually.) The colored strip on the lid is a rubber seal, and it’s prone to getting moisture & mold in there. They don’t leak when sealed, but cleaning them properly is kind of a headache.

Good info, Tks!!

I just received the 12 piece set. It was missing the two blue lids an has a big black greasy fingerprint on one of the green lids. It is clearly a return and NOT new. I am working on a refund now. let’s see how they do.
They refunded within 8 hrs.
I am happy!