Sterilite Kitchen Storage

I bought some of these several months ago from Woot and I love 'em. Very sturdy and Made in the good old U.S.A!

There is a trick, however, to washing them: It is best to separate the rubber gasket from the lid prior to putting them in the dishwasher. I do this by keeping a pick (like the kinds your dentist uses to clean your teeth) in my utility drawer to easily pull it out, and once the dishwasher is done I put it back.

Are the bottom parts plastic or glass?

BPA-Free plastic.

Hey, sell that jingle, pronto.

Can these be used to dress a wound?

What’s the difference between ultra seal and ultra latch

Do these nest? I need food containers that nest.

The ones with the like colors nest, so the purple’s nest with the purple’s, the green’s nest with the green’s, and so forth…

As far as I can tell (via internet searches), both are air tight and water tight. The Seals have a microwave vent while the Latch ones don’t. If there’s any other difference, I too would like to know!

Thanks for the sleuthing, I came here to ask that very question.

In the past, I’ve used Lock-n-Lock containers to make first-aid kits. They’re crushproof, which is better than the soft-sided bags typically used for portable kits, and they can be opened with one hand, which is important when you’re holding the other one over your head to slow the bleeding! I’m in for a set.