Sterilite Ultra-Latch 20-Piece Set

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Sterilite Ultra-Latch 20-Piece Set
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4/18/2014 - $16.99 (Woot Plus)

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Lets learn all about Sterilite and learn what Sterilite is made out of

I’ve owned a set of these for a few years. They’ve served me well. Microwave and dishwasher safe. They seal very tight. Definitely recommend them.

Just to give them a try, I bought the nearly identical set at a big box store and put six of them out as Geocaches. After 25 months of central Kentucky weather, including sub zero and 100°F temperatures, rain, snow, etc., all were still water tight. The only problems with any of them were a couple that lost a locking tab.

They ought to hold food in your kitchen until it shows signs of life.

Here are the caches, in case you are interested: GC2JGX6, GC2JGVQ, GC2JME3, GC2JD6Z, GC2JD6Y, and GC2JD6X

it’s hard to tell, because they have sizes but not numbers, but if the Walmart page is for the same set, and it looks like it is, it’s this breakdown on how many of each:

(1) 2.5 Cup Rectangle
(2) 3.5 Cup Rectangle
(1) 3.8 Cup Square
(3) 5.2 Cup Square
(1) 3.8 Cup Rectangle
(2) 5.3 Cup Rectangle

these are just polypropylene containers, you get the same bpa and phthalate free material from take out containers. they stain and absorb odor. Better to get containers made of tritan material.

Bought 3. Going to use them to sort and store the smaller parts of my Lego collection.

$33 at Amazon with 4 stars- virtually all are 5 stars but 1 pissed off customer who gave 1 star because they were shipped the wrong item so doesn’t really count.

Hmmm, that looks just like what’s in our features. :tongue:

We’ll be in the corner crying now.

Except Woot has it in stock, Walmart says “Out of stock online.”

Anybody–how do these compare with Lock’n’lock? Oh, I do miss L’n’L on Woot . . .

I was going to say the exact same thing. Great for caches!!

At the time I posted it, no, it didn’t. I have no idea when it got changed, but at 2am eastern, it didn’t give the breakdown.

I was linking so people could see they were the same product, not so people would buy it over there. When I mean, ‘hey, this is cheaper over there, don’t buy this,’ I do in fact say that. And Woot! has been awesome and not ever once deleted a post where I pointed that out, I should mention.

It always seems a bit disingenuous on the part of the manufacturer when they say things like “20 piece set” and include the individual parts necessary to make up the whole. Unless it were a container marketed to use the lower part as a bowl and the lid as a plate, it seems misleading to call out the two as separate pieces toward a ‘set.’ I suppose they could have done worse and called it a 30 piece set: 10 bowls, 10 lids, and 10 gaskets.

Even the specs list them as if they are one piece, they don’t call the lids out on their own line. Please allow my more correct edit for the 20 Piece Set:

20-Piece Set Includes:

(1) 2.5 Cup Container
(1) Lid for 2.5 cup container
(2) 3.5 Cup Containers
(2) Lids for 3.5 cup containers
(1) 3.8 Cup Square Container
(1) Lid for 3.8 cup square container
(1) 3.8 Cup Rectangular Container
(1) Lid for 3.8 cup rectangular container
(3) 5.2 Cup Containers
(3) Lids for 5.2 cup containers
(2) 5.3 Cup Containers
(2) Lids for 5.3 cup containers

My rant is over.

Do these nest in one another? I don’t have much cabinet space and I need food storage that nests in one another. That was my main problem with LnL. I bought them because they said they nested but in fact they didn’t.

Public service announcement:

Please don’t use these or any plastics for that matter in the microwave for your food. We still don’t know the full effect of plastics on our bodies, but it’s not looking good. Do yourself a favor, take a few seconds and transfer to a ceramic or glass plate before heating.

It does go on to say that if you’re really worried about it, just transfer it to ceramic or glass containers labeled for microwave use.

Much of these studies are funded by industries that does not want additional regulations. Thus these ‘safe’ for humans are just BS. Don’t believe me? That article was last updated in 2006, and look what we know now that we didn’t know back then. Remember, BPA abandoned from being used in the US, not because of some ‘US’ researcher determined it to be harmful or by some gob’mint regulation, but because it was banned in much of the rest of the world and word got around to us about it. Many of the studies on today’s ‘safe’ plastic are done by industry scientists instead of by independent studies, so we won’t really know.