Sterling Silver Handcrafted Artisan Hoop

Sterling Silver Handcrafted Artisan Hoop

What is it with all the nmad artisan hoops this woot!off?

TT, I don’t suppose there’s any of those bike wheel light-strips lying around still that might find their way into the woot!off?


Dear sweet mercy those little sdartsab are STILL not sold out? I mean seriously, I saw my caption phone wasn’t working and called customer service (currently not available) then reset my phone, then called my friend and made a cup of spicy orange tea then my friend called back and we talked for a bit before I realized I was probably missing my bike lights.

Hm. Guess what’s going to show up in our Bs o’ C.


what bike wheel light strips are you talking about?

I’m guessing NOT bike light strips :sneezing_face:


Linda, I think they were in TT’s last HH which I couldn’t attend. And sold out.

So no, dija, it’s NOT bike light strips going in the Boxes.


ok, because I bought one of those for my husband but … nope. lol

I think this is what >Kat means:

Or something similar. I don’t think I could access a link 'cause they were done.

But yes. Wouldn’t those look so damn awesome on my scooter?!


Monkeys! Historically, when the closing time rolls around they re-offer leftovers.

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working around the extension cord might be a challenge, but if you’re not traveling “far”

I’m actually eyeballing that for the back of my house over the deck. Just not sure it generates as much light as what I’d like–enough that if you’re sitting on the deck with friends you can see each other enough to talk, or find your drink. Not necessarily to read by or anything.

But DANG it! I see the showerhead was added and already sold out. That was one of the few things I saw that I actually wanted to buy.