Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Necklace and Bracelet



Great something for the annoying girlfriend.


Sterling Silver Heart Toggle Necklace and Bracelet
$44.99 + $5 shipping

give me a break… if we had girlfriends we wouldn’t be online at 3:25 am EST


a COMPLETE Listing of all woot-off items can be found here


OK all the computer geeks who spent the last 3 hrs arguing should nap up this jewelry … haha oh gawd


something for the ladies… are there female wooters ???


what the woot is this? woot nerds don’t have girls…


Where’s the USB connection on this??


Has a 1 year warranty, or the 12-hour woot half-life, whichever comes first. :frowning:


YAY!! Now I can take the Hooters girls something besides homemade fudge. Im going to marry one of them one day!


Welcome to the Home Shopping Network…

G’Night all. It’s been fun. Tell the Box Of Chocolates “Hi” for me.


Anyone know how nice this is? how much silver and such, i wouldnt mind getting it for my g/f but i dont want to get her a POS.


Sager words have never been spoken … I think Woot wanted to go to sleep too. These would have sold much quicker at 4 pm eastern


I’m a chick, but not my style.


i bought one for my girlfriend… you guys are silly…


I’m a lady wooter and even I don’t want this! C’mon, Woot!! Techie stuff, techie stuff, techie stuff.


I’ll buy one for my girfriend. Oh, wait. I don’t have one. She ran out when she saw that I spent more on Woot than on her. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, there are female wooters :slight_smile:
But, um… not into the jewelry


HAHA, this has got to be the best burn ever by woot. I bet the joy in this is watching people post about it complaining about not having anyone to give this to.

Bravo woot staff, bravo.


Yes, there are female wooters :slight_smile:

Come on guys, you have been glued to woot for 26 1/2 hours and counting, this might get you out of thr doghouse! And remember, Mother’s Day is a month away.