Sterling Silver Huggies

I purchased a couple pairs of these last time they were listed. One pair is great but the other pair is defective. They will not latch closed and just fall out. Pretty but disappointed.

I bought 3 pairs last time and they are very pretty but very small. They are perfect for a child.

I love huggies because they are small. I purchased two pairs the last time they were offered. But one earring would not latch.

these would be perfect decoys for a burglar. get the $25 engagement set and you’re good to go.

ditto what others have said - I also bought these last time and was shocked at how small they are so be sure to understand the sizing. Remember 6mm is less than .25" The one pair does not stay closed so they are not wearable unless I want to just be a pirate and wear one. buyer beware.