Sterling Silver Jewelry

Any idea on the grade of this jewelry? Is it solid or plated?

Yes, I’d like to know if this is solid sterling silver and not just plated. Can woot answer on this?

Are you asking about all of the jewelry or a specific piece?

Is the Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet actually 925 silver or is it plated junk since woot doesn’t actually say.

I’m curious about whether or not the ring is plated. And what is a spring ring closure? How does a ring have a closure?

Hey all- I emailed the buyer about the sale as a whole. I’ll post back when I know more about whether these items are silver or just plated.

Well seeing as they are made in China, I would guess they are going to say " it solid silver". Leaving out the “sterling” and “plated”, not to mention .925 stamped. Don’t get your hopes up guys.

WARNING DO NOT PURCHASE THE TBR250 Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet

We received 1, it doesn’t clasp. We contacted Woot 8 times by email with absolutely no reply. We’re stuck with a piece of junk because Woot doesn’t reply to our emails. LONG TIME CUSTOMERS - Over 600 cartfuls since 2006.

[mod note: we sent your complaint over to CS, they responded that they have emailed you, please let us know if you continue to have issues!]

so pretty much everything woot sells is junk…

Actually, it’s not. I just looked over my 'stuff you bought’over the year I’ve been shopping here and I’d say I’ve gotten some really good deals on some quality things. You have to read the descriptions and ask questions, and check reviews elsewhere, but overall I’ve done pretty well. If you don’t take the time to ask questions or research you may get junk, but I have no complaints. Maybe I will, at some point, but there’s a good chance that will be my own fault.

It’s my understanding that unless silver is solid .925 it can’t legally be advertised as Sterling…but I’d like to know for certain, too.


Confirmed that all this jewelry is in fact 925 sterling silver and will include a stamp.

Happy Shopping!


The ring had incorrect info. It does not have a spring ring closure. That was leftover from a necklace item.


When something says Sterling Silver it means that it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper to give it strength. Period. Pure Silver is generally 99.9% silver. I’m just sayin’