Sterno Camp Stove Kit with 6-Pack Fuel

Looks good to me compared to Amazon.

I’m in for at least one.

[MOD: Different model.]

Ah, I see. I updated the link. Still a good deal since it’s the same price as the six pack of fuel alone on Amazon.


The can has changed since I was a boy scout, but I’m sure it’s still the same pink alcohol jelly inside.

I bought this a year ago from walmart about the same price minus the 6pack fuel. They also have a silver stand only for around $5. Fuels I would get at the dollar store.

But I’ve used mine with a homemade alcohol stove.
Boils water just fine.
Haven’t tried using small wood pieces since the fuel stand is a grate.

17.99 at Amazon

Unfortunately it still says “Harmful if swallowed”.

No wonder I have this headache.

This doesn’t include the 6 pack of fuel though.

With the right mixture, Jell-O shots will work in a pinch. However, normally run out of jello before we can boil the water. No sure why. :wink:

On the serious side, these would make a nice item for the cabin but not practical for a bug out bag or storing in the car as a shelter in place item (for obvious reasons). We keep a few of these (without the cut and pan) in our scout trailer as backups and for emergency response training (i.e., responding to search assists, disaster drills, etc…) My boys who complete the search and rescue merit badge get one of these (as a reward) for their ready bag. Mini Camping stove. These little stoves rock.