Stick em up! All of em!

I guess octopuses are real suckers for committing crime.

Drum riff please!

Why does this design require two slightly different shades of aqua blue?

That is a really big fish cop. Or maybe a tiny octopus. Maybe that’s why he turned to a life of crime, because of his feelings of inadequacy. Anyway…


Kinkiest design I’ve ever seen on ShirtWoot! Let’s see, there’s handcuffs, tentacles, even a mask. I wonder what the stick 'em up line refers to . . .

I completely thought the octopus had an ink accident in reaction to the fish cop. Took a few minutes of staring to realize it was actually the loot bag.

That’s what I thought at first, too!

In other news regarding my slow wit, I only just now realised why the cop has so many handcuffs. Apparently my brain doesn’t comprehend the fact that octopuses have eight legs that need to be restrained in the event of an arrest.

Although it’s not like the octopus wouldn’t be able to get out of those handcuffs the minute the fish-fuzz had his back turned. Octopuses are slippery fellows, after all.

Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!

Watch out, fish! That Octopus had LASERS!

Fish cop better call for backup before he tries to cuff that octopus. He’d have to put the gun down at some point, and the octopus can give him the slip!

Those handcuffs would also be great for chain gangs and special types of parties.

What’s up with the black? It’s so out of place here.

How about this for inspiration?


Did anyone else start singing Sharky and George to themselves when they saw this tshirt?


I really like it. It’s cute, it’s relatively simple in expression, it’s appropriate for kids, and it doesn’t reference pop culture.

What cop says “stick em up”? Shouldn’t the guy with the gun be wearing the mask?

Aw man I like the design but I think the creativity and meaning could have gone even further by using the 6 pack soda plastic connector / holder
(even though octopus have 8 tentacles) as handcuffs to also throw in a message about ocean littering.

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Had the shirt not two days and its already been ruined. If the shipping hadn’t taken forever, I might have had a chance to order a replacement. EXTREMELY disappointed.

How is it ruined?

The free standard shipping can take a while. You can order the next-day shipping for $5 unless you’re outside the US. If you’re international, yeah, it’s gonna be slowish.