Stick These In Your Bedroom!



Modest size TVs for a modest size budget, or super small apartment.

How large is your tv?


We found a 47" 1080p HDTV for a steal at $250.
After watching Woot for a while, I took to other means.


PRESTIGO Universal remote does NOT work with comcast’s digital box. Sad day! :frowning:


Does anyone know how the refurbishes are on these? Can I trust it?


We bought the Haier refurbished model and really like it so far. It had a few scratches on the base and the remote but otherwise seems like new.


Woot! Bring back the 42" australian brand for $250!!


Do share!!


I have a 51" TV in my bedroom. Am I weird?


How is the sound on this tv? I am interested but I saw a review on Amazon that the sound quality is horrible.


I do have a vizio already and never was happy with the sound.
Just bought a sound bar here on woot but I cant seem to get it to work.

I’m wondering if these would make good monitors…hooking it up from a mac to do photo and video editing. Anyone know how to set that up?


I bought a refurbished vizio from woot a few months ago. Mine works great, and looks just about new. There were a few smudge/scratch type things on the back of the base and such, but they’re barely even visible.


Saw the cable pack on Amazon for 1 cent less free ship…


deal is over now but it was real I got me a 42 for 200 back on 9/6


I have a 42" flat screen (a Panasonic plasma) in my bedroom, and to my eyes it seems just about the perfect size for the bedroom. Although, like most flat screens these days, the built in speakers were awful, breaking up and distorting at even modest volume levels. I had to invest in an external sound system. That set me back another $400 that I wasn’t really looking to spend. Of course, now I have Dolby 5.1 in the bedroom and DTS 7.1 in the living room. :slight_smile:


HELL NO! I’m having the worst customer service ever dealing with Vizio refurbs from woot /

I have sent the TV back at my own cost & just received a worst TV than the first with NO Base or remote. SMDH! NEVR AGAIN! The TV was $200 return was $123! They offered no return label!


I might sound crazy, but check out walmart’s TV selection. I got my Sceptre 32" 1080p on sale from walmart a month ago for $250 with 3 year care program and shipping. I don’t risk buying refurbished on things like TV/Monitors or sound equipment. Besides, dealing with bad customer support isn’t on my agenda.

If you decide to buy: Read customer reviews on the sturdiness of the stand, sound volume, and picture quality.

Just my two copper.


Did you send it back to the manufacturer or woot? If you sent it back to woot, they should have sent you a label. Please feel free to contact if that’s the case. Otherwise, sorry to hear about your trouble!


why are these deals always sold out by the time I see them?


YES!! LCD TVs! Who woot of guessed it?