Stickers for Laptops & Stuff

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Want a couple from each group :frowning:

Mods… is it also $5 shipping on a few stickers? Just curious.

Sticker trade thread is here, if you get stickers and want other stickers! There are now nearly 200 different Woot sticker designs in the wild…

It is indeed. We’re hoping they’ll be kinda an add-on purchase.

That’s how I saw it, I just left them in my cart until I went to buy something. Hoping they wouldn’t sell out before I bought something like the Mega Shirtstorm stickers. But they didn’t thanks to a RogetRay GIF Hunt BOC, I had something to buy.


I just don’t have the cash right now to get other stuff to justify getting this as an add on. And what I really want is the stickers.

Of course, my laptop already has its fair share of stickers, so maybe this is a good thing…

Gahh sold out. Well, the ones I’d like anyway, even if they’d never go on my laptop.

The stickers always sell out fast - is there any way woot can make this a weekly thing or something that’s always available like shirts so that more people have a chance to buy them?

I am so dumb, I don’t even know what to do these stickers. How big are they ? Can I write on them? What is their purpose?

Yep sure do miss GIF Hunts.

Not sure who will see this! Truly hope everyone is going well!

Revamp for forums is a bit confusing but…mehh lol


Hi! I miss them too. I had only just found out about them when you left.



SHIT! Those damn GIF hunts drove me crazy ROG.
I still have nightmares of trying to find those hidden GIFs.
I was this close :point_right: :point_left: a few times. lol
Nice to see ya posting.

Yes, I do miss them I suppose. And manhands.


Hi! Good to hear from you! Don’t be a stranger!


I SEE YOU! hey Rog!

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