Still Alive

Happy New Year

This shirt is so last year…

I’m thinking about buying one of these for my Mayan friend but he’s still a bit touchy about the world not ending.

Good thing we are rid of that superstitious Mayan mumbo-jumbo of '12 and it onward to '13… oh… ummm… yeah, Happy 2013!

Too soon Woot, too soon…or is it?

Happy New Year, TT – you’re the bright sparkle in all the late-night Woot threads…by which I mean, don’t you ever sleep? :wink:

Happy 2013, icthulhu. I hope the year is wonderful for you and yours.

And yes I sleep, during the day.

Adorable + colorful but aren’t we bigger than gloating about scoring a point over someone else’s misinterpretation of Mayan math. Or do we have to be Jupiter sized for that ; )

Happy New Year, folks.

I want this shirt without the text. The Earth and Moon image is really cool, but I feel the mayan thing is gonna be way dated in just a few months.

In fact, it’s 10 days dated.

The moon is wearing a party hat!

It was actually dated years ago, as soon as it gained notoriety and was entirely debunked.

Yeah, I gotta admit, this shirt just displays huge ignorance about what the Mayan calendar meant. The Mayans never said the world was going to end, ever. I don’t really understand the point of making a jab at currently living people who didn’t predict anything even LIKE that, lol. I’m an anthropologist (and 1/4th Mayan!) so this kind of thing is always doubly irritating to me.

This shirt sucks for two reasons. The moon is orbiting the wrong direction, and the whole Mayan calendar craze was totally ignorant.

I would have bought this shirt if it had been available in time to get it for 12/21. As it was, I had to settle for a Monty Python “I’m Not Dead Yet” shirt to wear that day. Only one person commented on it, and that was to inform me that she’d heard there’d been a miscalculation and that the REAL apocalypse would be December 21st… THREE thousand twelve. Uh, yeah.

Maybe if it said “Earth 4 billion - 0 Apocalypse”.

Curious as to if this shirt was designed before or after the 21st. Did Spirit decide to test fate or was this celebratory?

No, we’re not.