Still Fresh

Long after all other snack cakes have passed, the Twinkie will still stand.

Congrats, SG!

We all know Twinkie Rick will survive.

Here’s one for those Twinkie lovers.

Pastry gone bad done good.

Now this shirt is the stuff.

Well timed!

He’s the Hostess with the Mostess! :slight_smile:

I just love SpiritGreen’s style! Always adorable and dem halftones. So gorgeous!

My wife bit into a moldy Twinkie once, she was mortified. Unfortunately now I know how it ends for Twinkie Rick…

Twink’s one of those reformulated ones. Chocked full of artificial ingredients and powerful preservatives, he really ain’t got no expiration date. Onliest at thing Twnk’s gotta worry about is stay one step ahead of Woody “Tallahassee” Harrelson.

Thank you guys!

Here’s a much >>BIGGER<< version to check out.

See Zombie Cookies, Zombie Cupcakes (whipped and frosted), Zombie Waffles, Zombie Cinnabuns, Zombie Pie (pumpkin and apple lattice), Zombie Pop-tarts, Zombie Muffins and Zombie Donuts. I’m assuming you like zombies.


Such a wacky, yet REALLY well done design- You can almost hear the zombie baked good’s calling, “CREEEAAAAAAAMMMMMS!”

Grats Matt!

Do we call them the Walking Stale? Crumblers? Uncrustables?

Stuff & Things…

Great design, and excellent sequel to The Last Cupcake :slight_smile:

Am I the only one singing “one of these things is not like the others” (Sesame Street)? Probably. But why waffles? I know people slather them with syrup and whipped cream, but I still wouldn’t put them in with pie and cookies.

Still cute design and classic spiritgreen. Loved by my daughter and me alike.

This is no longer a twinktocracy. It’s a twinktatorship.

Twink Grimes?

This is so cool, Spiritgreen. Brilliant coloring and composition.


I’m still waiting for Tallahassee to show up on Walking Dead.

This is very cool. I love the fac t that the design is “Ceneterd.”

Very nice!