Still Have to Click [Place Your Order} Twice Before it's Accepted

Once I add an item to my cart, I get to the [Review Your Order] page. I wait for the details to load and then I click [Place Your Order] button. I am brought back to the [Review Your Order] page and have to wait for the details to load. I click [Place Your Order] one more time and it takes it. Normally not so big an issue, but during a Woot-Off… .one can miss good crap like this.

Technical Details:

  • two different computers
  • one running Ubuntu 16.04 and one running Ubuntu 18.04
  • both running the latest Firefox
  • one running AdBlock Plus the other running uBlock Origin
  • Both running Private Internet Access VPN - going through different server on each computer
  • logged in through Amazon - without which I could not get the free shipping

Need any further details, just ask…

This happened to me on the sonicare toothbrush heads using the mobile app and I lost out because of it. Had to click place order twice and then it was gone.

Sorry for the problem with ordering. I’m put in a ticket to our developers so they can look into it.

The way I look at it you’re saving me money whether you take my money or force me to keep it! :w_happy2:

NOooooooooooooooooooooo. We want your money!!!

I’m glad to know it’s not just me! Are any of your specifics in line with mine? Maybe something we have in common that might could be the culprit?

You know who else wants @bchlor4evr money? @bchlor4evr. :laughing:

Nope, I was on the app all day. Really only noticed the glitch once. I’m pretty familiar with the regular load and reload on the checkout page when you are logged in with Amazon. This seemed a little different because the shipping was already deducted and it was all ready to go but refreshed the page anyways.