Still Waiting for Godot

Anybody for a round of “Zip A Dee Doo Dah”?

I always knew that their loyalty would do them in.

I don’t think he’s coming.

It’s embarassing, but… Can someone explain Godot?

I don’t get it? What’s a Godot? I feel stupid and not because it’s late at night.

Hope you guys weren’t waiting for me TOO long. I brought coffee… Godot blend #43… Guys?

The cause of death? The knowledge they were going to be on a Cream tee.

I think “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” would be more appropriate.

Can’t wait to find out? Perhaps a trip to wikipedia will help.

Ooohhh I don’t think I’ve seen this before, polynothing. I love my Attack of Literacy tee from threadless (I wear it all the time), and this certainly has me going back to the front page to look at it over and over again.

And Joshua’s printed here before:
[This Machine Fears Faxes](

by the by, I’ve always wanted DBH to reprint: Some Things Can’t Be Saved

I feel like there should be some of Salvador Dali’s clocks hanging on that tree in the back.

I’m confused as well. Any Help?

Waiting for Godot is a play by the famous playwright Samuel Beckett and is about 2 men waiting for a man named Godot to show up. They never explain why they’re waiting for Godot, though. I think he promised them candy, though.

Oh damn… the English major in me wants to buy this instantly. My practical side tells me that I need to save money. I must ponder this for a while.


I also have that shirt. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Go here and behold the amazingness.

OK, it’s been a while since I saw the play, but is there anything obvious in the image that would make someone think of Beckett? I mean, aren’t these just a couple of skeles taking a break?

Anyone else notice a disfigured Betty Boop face in the moon? Am I looking too hard?

I’m glad of all the absurdist plays they could have gone with, they avoided Ubu Roi.