Still waiting for my 1st payment :(

Hi Ochopika, you said we should wave at you here to get noticed quicker than through email so here I am, waving “hi!”. Still haven’t received any payments on Dec 15th as expected. It puts me in a fix financially since I was told it was coming. :frowning:

Have emailed artistpayments as you suggested… no reply. help?

And if the answer you give is that it will happen on 15th Jan… how do I know it will happen if that’s what was due to happen on 15th Dec? (The delayed responses also unfortunately makes the situation more difficult to manage which is why I’m guessing your answer and asking my next question in this post too). :frowning:

Also, any rough idea when the contracts for those last two files will be coming through?

Hello! I emailed accounting and they’ve told me that they are processing your payment and should send it soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m back from my vacation so I’ll be sending contracts this week.

Thank you,