Stillman Brown Petite Sirah (2)

Stillman Brown Petite Sirah (2)

Wooters be aware that the $5 all u can ship is gone. You will now have to pay $5 for every order (not item, but order). There is a new cart feature which allows u to order multiple items at the same time for $5 per order. BUT just because you add an item to your cart doesn’t mean you have it reserved so you can’t just wait until end of day to submit your order.

Link to main thread about this ->

Got this the last ttime it was up, but have not opened a bottle yet. Has anyone? Need a rat report to help me decide if I should buy more or not.

Woot could “hold” each order in your basket till you press complete order at the end of the woot off day, could be that simple, but it obviously all about the $$

They couldn’t really make that work, due to the fact that people would just add stuff to their basket to “reserve” it, then remove some or most of it at the end of the day when they realize they have too much stuff in there. Not practical.

could work if they put a $$ hold on the card and you agree to it, with no backing out. It’s workable

It would be simpler to go back to the old system just for Woot Offs since we can’t hold the items in our cart all day. I suppose the programming would be too difficult . . .

Could ALSO work if they went back to the “$5.00 ships free all day” for Woot-Offs. I ADORED picking up cheap items for myself and for Christmas/birthday presents on Woot, and would ALWAYS buy more stuff after I had “popped the cork” on shipping…but now? $5.00 on a $15.00 set of rechargable batteries, $5.00 on a $10.00 set of earbuds, $5.00 on a couple bottles of wine…it eats up the budget much too fast.
Very very sad about this. I truly am. That shipping was a lot of the draw for me. I used to buy 8-10 items or so on the Woot-Offs, but now that would be $50.00 shipping alone? Nah.
No fun any more, and now not as cheap as picking little stuff up with free shipping on Amazon with my “Prime” membership.

So here’s what we do. We charge an annual fee for “FREE” shipping. We could call it … let’s see … how ‘bout, say, “Woot PRIME.”

Just a thought.

Hey wait … then we could
dump this Woot-Off nonsense. Maybe do a daily thing. Call it … I dunno … Gold Box of Crap. Or something.

Sounds good, right?

[edit] Anyone been enjoying Mothership Amazon’s wine site? Does Prime offer free shipping? Here’s a marketing plan: buy the competitor; put the comptitor “to sleep”; resume some aspects of the competitor’s style.

Like some said, In a way its good I won’t be buying the sea Salt Carmels any more, $22 for the candy, about $2.20 tax (Cal 10%) 5 bucks shipping I now have a $30.00 box of candy. Like right now on the tool and garden $7.50 for fastners, I buy in a second with free shipping always need fastners around the house and a nice box, but add tax & shipping and you almost double the price

Again, I don’t think so. It’s pretty well-established contract law that you haven’t committed to buy something until you actually commit/pay. Having something in an internet “cart” is not a commitment to buy, and if the order hasn’t been finalized you have the right to decide not to buy it. (For big-ticket items like cars/houses/boats/etc even signing on the dotted line doesn’t truly commit you – there’s a cooling-off period of a few days during which you can decide to back out.)

I don’t like the new system either, but I think the best solution is to go back to a one-price all day shipping fee on woot-off days. Make it $10 instead, if the $5 thing doesn’t work. We could decide to pay $5 for a single order (as things are now) OR pay $10 on the first order, unlocking free shipping for subsequent orders until midnight.

Does anyone have any comments/opinions about this wine?

I figure I’ve already saved over $200 just in wine purchases during this Woot Off. and it’s only 8:39 am. Just can’t get into the same old spirit. I agree with you totally!

+1: This wine will be up all day if we don’t get back on track. Anyone tried this?

Guess it is time to say goodbye to woot. Loved to buy lots of items that were in the $20 range, but when you buy multiple, and get the $5 shipping it made it all worth it. But now there is no incentive…as many have pointed out before, I am not going to pay $5 shipping for a set of earbuds that cost $10.
Perhaps Woot could up the shipping cost for unlimited. For example if you order over $30 worth of product you unlock $10 shipping for the whole order? Woot is driving me toward my other wine sites since they are all now going the way woot was…they would bulk your orders for a day and ship them all together for one low price if you hit a threshhold ($50).

Hey pm me with the links of these sites, always looking for a good wine site, thanks

Haven’t tried it and won’t. $30/btl. for a 2011/2012 blend marketed as a 2012? That price goes far at our local direct importer wine shop.

So re: the wine? It’s a NV blend at a premium price. So who cares?

I didn’t take notes, but I very much enjoyed the wine. Very strong tannins, good round fruit, nice texture, and paired wonderfully with bison jerky (sadly, we were out of the wolverine variety). Oh, and it was still excellent on day two. For the price I’d say this one is a bargain.

Check the previous offer for more notes.

This wine will be up there all day if people aren’t willing to take a chance without the $5 shipping. Sometimes people would take a chance and buy a product because there was a great deal, and they knew there would be another they would want to take advantage of later and the shipping wouldn’t be a problem. Now people aren’t going to take that chance as they are only going to pay for what they really want.