Stillman Brown Petite Sirah (2)

Stillman Brown Petite Sirah 2-Pack
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2012 Stillman Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
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This wine is awesome. If you like big, bold, but balanced wines, and don’t buy it, you should have your head (and palate) examined.

I have one in my cellar, and if I could store an infinite amount of wine at the correct temp. (not the case in south Florida) I would buy more. Just don’t have the space to let this sit for the amount of time it deserves.

Buyers will not regret.

I slept through the whole thing!

I’m not supposed to be buying anything but…

Last Wooter to Woot: random122

oops. No wonder it wouldn’t let me buy two.

It’s good stuff. I met Stillman last autumn (have some dodgy photos to prove it) and did a whole tasting. Great stuff, and proper, balanced big wines (think S Rhone for some) with great fruit. No Hot bombs here at all. Definitely worth a try, though I personally will hold the (excellent) PSes until they get a bit older as my taste buds are sensitive to tannins!

Anyone else having the wine say it is shipped, but not give a delivery day? It has been stuck like this for a week and a half now?

That’s not unusual for wine. They notify FedEx of an impending shipment which creates the tracking numbers and then send the file to use. You get an email but the winery is still preparing the shipments and timing release to keep the wine moving during summer shipping.

Hang in there. Appreciate your patience.