Stillman Brown Springtime White & Pink 3+1 (4)

Wow. Seriously? No commentson a Stillman wine?


I’m trying to buy this, but seem to be stuck in Processing Limbo. Is it just me? I’d feel really lonely if so…

Here’s my review on the rose
March 1, 2014 - Pnp right of the fridge, wine pours a salmon pink and is clear of any cloudiness. It’s primary aroma is maraschino cherry with some strawberry and watermelon notes in the background. On the tongue the wine comes across as crisp and fresh and full of fruit. The bottle gives no info. As far as varietals used but I would guess its heavy on Grenache. On the pallete the strawberry note and watermelon are much more prenounced. The alcohal is low and not noticeable.

This is a great rose with nice acidity that will hold up to lots of foods. It couldn’t handle spicy Thai food though so don’t treat it like a low PH white. For comparisons sake I prefer the 2012 which had some similar features but had more a candied fruit nose. I’ll be drinking this and the WC pinkie swear long into summer. Nice job Stillman.

Are you still having problems purchasing the wine?

The screen never got out of Processing, but the wine is in my Stuff You Bought list. Although I haven’t received an email yet. I’m hoping for the best!

We are having some problems with ordering and they are working on it.

I can see your order created on this side. Fingers crossed.

Still need more comments or something.

where’s all the Elvis fans? fwiw, this is some tasty rose’.

Thanks for checking. I’d hate to miss out on any wine from Stillman!!

I recall this rose having a bite at the end…here are my DeLong notes from 2/21/14:

color: medium
clarioty: clear
aroma: strawberry (Jolly rancher) , watermelon
A dry, medium bodied and crisp wine with a tanginess and bittter finish I did not like.

3/5 stars

SWMBO did enjoy it though.

I had the same ordering issues as estherb57. No confirmation page or e-mail, but it shows up in my “stuff you bought” page.

Looking forward to trying these two wines.

I see yours on this end as well. All is good to go.

If only I didn’t have to buy 3 Verdejo to get 1 Rosé…

Wootbot only shows one order

FINALLY! Sheesh.

I do not see an order created for you today. If you’re ordering the wine, you might want to try again.