Stillman Brown Zeppelin Winery

The Red Skunk Viper looks to unique not to try. I’d love to hear more about it though. Stillman – what were you aiming for with the blend? What sort of fruit does it show? (I know this is hard to define with port, but just checking.)

HERE is my megaphone! Thought I’d been silenced (couldn’t find this board!) Well, it’s almost all Portuguese varietals, relatively young, and relatively high alc with moderate sugar. It’s definitely on the young/berry side instead of woody or aged, but it’s very well balanced despite the size - not particularly tannic.

And I was doing so well with limiting my spending. I have not yet bought anything from Stillman, even though he is incredibly entertaining, everyone raves about his wine, and everything he offers is uniquely interesting. This sale might get me.

I’m very interested in the Abalone, it’s been on here before, just never pulled the trigger. Same with the Black Zeppelin. Though prices on both are very minimally higher than previous woot offerings, I fully expect that with a Woot Plus Offering.

What I am truly interest in is the port. I think I am in on that no matter what, because Port is our favorite. Only Stillman would label a wine as “forty proof”. That is hilarious, unless it is a requirement over 20%, but still funny none-the-less.

My only real questions is drinking windows on the Port as well as the D’ abalone. I wouldn’t expect the Abalone to improve over time, but how long can I safely hold onto it? How long will the port hold? How is drinking now? Will some more bottle time improve/integrate it at all?

For the benefit of y’all who actually have found this Woot Plus community board, you will see two wines that have been here before, the Black Zeppelin blend and the last several cases of the Chateau d’Abalone, as well as the last of the 2011 Pink Zeppelin, and two lots I just hand-bottled an absurdly small amount of, the Poubelle Blanc (French for ‘white trash’ and not actually a varietal, but fool your snobby friends into saying “Of course I’ve heard of it, it’s grown in the Dordogne” and a Portuguese varietal vintage Port with a nutty label.

And also, since it seems like no one agrees on this one, what are your thoughts on how long the port will be okay once opened? I hear varying opinions of 4 days to up to a month, but I usually go with a week to 10 days.

The 2010 Chateau d’Abalone is still strong, though I think I liked it better last year. The 2011 has almost identical chemistry (though lower vyd yields and more intensity) so I’d expect the same maturity curve. Depends on your taste in port - it holds up very well in the bottle when poured over the course of a week in the tasting room (I hide it, saving it for Special Customers) but some of the younger berry qualities diminish. The palate balance doesn’t seem to change much, so the tannin level probably isn’t diminishing enough to be noticed in combination with the fruit/alcohol/acid/sugar.

That’s my experience too, and I didn’t find any real benefit to having it open for a week - it’s not ‘hard’ or tannic immediately. My asst. winemaker Big Hat has been making ports for years and we agreed that this was the best vintage - so I stole some.

I’m sure glad this didn’t start at midnight last night (10 AM my time) as I was out on the tiles with my young friends. For a tiny beach town, we have pretty awesome fireworks, and then the influx of several thousand tourists heads to our TWO bars.

We’d never do that to you! :slight_smile:

That sounds like a blast. Good thing we let you sleep in a little! :wink:

So will this cellar for quite some time or should it be drank within a couple years?

Oh, it will definitely cellar. Stored below 55 it might outlive me. (I’m turning 55 this harvest, as it happens . . . get your plane tickets for Oct 5-6 in Cayucos. Trying to turn it into a pseudo-official WineWoot event.)

Ooooo! That sounds fun. :slight_smile:

Zeppelin Winery 2011 Chateau d’ Abalone 2-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $50.00) 20% off List Price
2011 Zeppelin Winery Chateau d’ Abalone

Zeppelin Winery 2011 Pink Zeppelin 2-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $50.00) 20% off List Price
2011 Pink Zeppelin

Zeppelin Winery 2009 Red Skunk Viper Port 2-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $90.00) 33% off List Price
2009 Red Skunk Viper Zeppelin Port 750ml

Zeppelin Winery 2011 Poubelle Blanc 2-Pack
$44.99 (Normally $60.00) 25% off List Price
2011 Poubelle Blanc

Zeppelin Winery 2009 Black Zeppelin 2-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $100.00) 45% off List Price
2009 Black Zeppelin Central Coast
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Previous offers:
6/4/12 (Black Zeppelin)
2/28/12 (Chateau d’ Abalone)

The Chateau d’ Abalone is delicious!

Get noisy, people. That port is calling to me, and I’m trying to pretend I don’t hear it.

Dang, I still hear it. What to do, what to do…

It knows your name.
It wants to know where you live.
It wants to be your friend!

Excellent to know! :slight_smile:

Wow. Given the weather, I would have thought the questions would be about the pink and the whites!

For me personally, I have seen the D’Abalone, Pink and Black Zeppelin on here before so I know about them. The Port is new to us so we ask all the questions!

Well I said I’d buy the rose when it came up and I’m in for 4 bottles. Fingers crossed that this is a good end of summer party wine!