Stillman "Zeppelin" Pinot Noir (2)

Stillman “Zeppelin” Pinot Noir 2-Pack
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2013 Stillman “Zeppelin” Pinot Noir, San Luis Obispo County
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Bring on the questions, the comments, the opinions! Crawl out from under that bridge in Silicon Valley and sniff the Pinot!

The vineyard’s under two miles from the ocean, between Cambria and Hearst Castle. Yield was about 1.5 tons/acre, all clone 777. Think of it as a Kosta-Browne without 140% new oak or four grams of sugar per bottle.

Crickets! This board is as dead as Robert Parker’s reputation. So, what else can I say . . . this is the kind of Pinot Noir I wouldn’t have made while he was alive, for fear of being accused of Kosta-Browne-nosing him. It does NOT smell like Syrah - but the structure is fruit-dense. It’s quite dark for PN, unfiltered, more acidic than tannic, and all barrels were 1-2 year old Francois Freres.

I enjoyed Stillman Brown’s Colossus Syrah! Very intense and enjoyable stuff. I’m interested to see if anyone has notes on this (perhaps it’s too new)? Or maybe, Stillman Brown, you can tell me what you enjoy about this wine…

Man, do I wish I could.

Any cellaring projections?

There will be two people, I think, chiming on who will have it tomorrow. What do I enjoy besides talking about it???

With Pinot it’s tough. The '12 has opened up some, but it was picked earlier than this wine. I’ll fall back on my ‘it depends on cellar temperature’ line.

I’m going to read some short stories and keep checking in here. I am not going to start in on Ulysses unless there’s a major lull.

Is the TA a little higher than average relative to the pH, or do I just not normally pay enough attention to that information?

I pay even less, unless it’s seriously out of whack (high pH high TA would be a nightmare)

But considering the low yield, very cool climate, picked quite ripe, it’s rather more normal than you’d expect. A Death Valley Syrah, on the other hand, would probably show some wild numbers.

Thanks, I just pushed the big orange/yellow/whatever button. The comment about this being in your top 10 over the last 30 years was enough for me. Looking forward to a unique PN experience…


Eli Wallach died.
I have to go smoke a little cigar now.

Wow, a 13’ red. Stillman I thought you only made wine north of the equator! I would love to purchase and try it out but the storage space is full for my higher priced bottles. So don’t sell it all today, I want a 2nd chance at it.

Well, that may not happen here, sadly. But you have my email . . . Now excuse me but I really have to go cry over the death of Eli Wallach.

Since you listed this wine as in your top ten favorite of all time. What’s the number one wine you have crafted that tops your list? And what you think was the worst wine you ever produced that got bottled, labeled, and sold?