Stina's Cellars Ice Wine 375ml (2)

Stina’s Cellars Ice Wine 375ml Half-Bottle 2-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2013 Stina’s Cellars Semillon Ice Wine, Wahluke Slope, 375ml

Nothing on cellar tracker. Anybody have this wine? We’d love some tasting notes!

Hello, Stina here. has notes and ratings.
Stina s Cellars 2013 Ice Wine Semillon Wahluke Slope USA Wine Review | Tastings

It looks like you’re from the winery! Excellent!
Can you provide us with some stats on the wine? Brix at harvest, whether this is true icewine or ice box wine, pH, acidity, residual sugar, etc? We’re a bunch of numbers nerds here and some of us are also icewine fanatics :slight_smile:

Stina here again. Sorry for the slow response. I can only check in periodically. It is a true Ice Wine, Harvested in late December. Pressed juice was 40 brix. 3 innoculations before it took and 3.5 months very slow cool fermentation. Not filtered! It took a little over 1.5 years and several rackings to clear. Final Residual Sugar is 22.8 Brix.

This is by far my favorite wine! I’m not gonna lie, I like sweet, and it is sweet. It is so good!