Stinger 15-Watt Bug Zapper

Stinger 15-Watt Bug Zapper

Please don’t use these. They do far more harm than good.

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Ok so what’s your alternative besides your articles to avoid bug zappers?

great. one of them dang mosquito huggers


This article originally appeared in the June 14, 1996 issue, p. 97.

UV light is more likely to attract then black light, the study was done near a river which doesn’t affect a ton of people near cities or non bodies of water and doesn’t sound like this one is super loud

No alternative??? No thanks I’ll stick with no bugs

I ordered three. I thought they would plug into an outdoor outlet via a prong. Not the case. They are pretty big, have to hang from a tree, as the chemical attractant, enclosed, is attached to the bottom of the Zapper, so putting it on the ground is not recommended. They have a 12 inch cable that you attach to an extension cord strapped to the tree branch it hangs from. So I had to order three extension cords. Just so you know.