Stingrey Polarized/Reflective Sunglasses

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Stingrey Polarized/Reflective Sunglasses
Price: $13.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
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Condition: New


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Excellent sunglasses. I bought some last time they were up and am very pleased. Even more when the manufacturers sent a second pair free!

I picked up a pair of these on a previous woot…and they are bloody terrible. The frames are fine, no cheaper than would be expected by the price, but the optics are absolute crap. The lenses are thin, super flexible, and warp incoming light so much that it gives me a headache to wear them.

Comments from a previous sale

Bought these the last time, while I do not have a problem with the lenses, the flexible frames do not hold them on your head. Do not wear these and assume you can look at your feet without losing them. You are constantly pushing them back on your face.

I purchased 2 pair of these last time they were offered. I didn’t receive the second pair, but was given a full refund because they were not polarized, though they were advertised as being polarized.
Then about 2 1/2 weeks ago received the 2nd pair from the company with an apology for the mishap and an explanation as to what happened. The polarized pair that came is actually not too bad. Though they aren’t on par with my Oakleys, they ARE a pretty decent pair of glasses ESPECIALLY considering the price.

Also bought these last time around. They are cool-looking and lightweight…but absolutely enormous. If you have a smaller head/face, forget it. These are for people with melon heads.

Which style is best for someone with a narrow nose?

thanks, that’s what I was looking for

I got two stingrey (stingray, based on their logo) from a previous sale. True that they are very flexable but feel very cheap. The box they come in has a nice big warning label stating it has chemicals which can cause cancer, lead paint? The nose pads on one pair also broke off when I was first inspecting the pairs out of the box. I have bought other brands that are polarized from woot that are much better quality, better vision thru lense and just as cheap. Would not buy again and will probably not ware. Might just give them away.

Thanks for that info. I’ll skip this deal.

You people with trouble keeping these on must have pinheads! I have a very normal-sized head (7 1/8 hat size) and they fit nice and snug. In fact I would go so far as to say they are some of the most comfortable and face-fitting I have had. I drive a mustang convertible and the top is down MOST of the time and these wrap closely and keep bugs from flying into my eyes at highway speed.

The lenses are crystal clear, without a blemish or an optical defect too. I think someone may have gotten a defective pair if their view was distorted. (Hey, lemons can happen with ANYTHING)

Seriously, I have had Oakleys and RayBans and still have some heavy-duty Gargoyles, but I prefer $5-10 sunglasses as my daily wear and these are a great deal and will likely last as long as any of them.

Bought 3 last time and got a 4th sent to me a few weeks later. Family and I just returned from Alaskan Cruise and we wore these up on a glacier dog sledding trip (and snowball fight). 2 teens, wife and I and no complaints about fit or clarity.

For a <$15 price point it more than met my needs and expectations.