The journey that has come before:

The Land of the Misfits…

You, Dork! (Land of the Misfits II)

In the Garden of Dorky Delights: The Land of the Misfits III

[i] Lost in the Labyrinth: The Land of the Misfits IV[/i]

[i]Misfit Manor: The Land of the Misfits V [/i]

[i]Lingering in Space: The Land of the Misfits VI[/i]

[i]Stirring in the Swamp: The Land of the Misfits VII[/i]


Welcome home, my misfits…


I like the new pic! :slight_smile:


purdy swamp!


Me, too. :wink:


I have to get ready to go out to dinner with some friends. Hmmm…what to wear?


Very nice.


howdy SwampMistress :slight_smile:


1st page!!! Woo hoo! Twice in one day!!!

Do we get a boat?


Knowing my luck, I’d get a toaster… heck, I’d probably only get PopTarts.

Nice place though. You going to finish that painting though KT? Kinda looks weird with those stripped corners.


It’s good to be home!!!


One of the best boats to get around in a swamp is the punt.
I learned how to punt as a 6th grader when my family lived in Cambridge (England)
[link=]For information on punts.[/link]


Heck with that! There are gators in that swamp. I’m not taking a chance on falling in!
We need shallow flat bottom boats with a motor.


and wave goodbye to the elegance of a hand powered, gliding, quiet boat? These things are made for swamps! You can sneak up on things or hide in the fog as the swamp dwellers often did with these boats. A motor is a dead give-away.


I don’t want to be in the water when I fall off!


heh. that happened to me once. Pole got really stuck in the mud, and my split-second decision was to stay with the pole. Never stay with the pole. You have this dorky little paddle for just those situations. You can fetch the pole, not the boat.


nice knees in the swamp there KT. Who got last post?


I think I have a bad case of swamp gas. Dont’ stand too close.


You will be gator food for sure.

We saw way more stuff in the air boat, which was loud as heck, than the small quite boat.
Besides, those swamps go on forever. I’ll take my motor, you can have your nice boat.


Evening folks, here for a short time. How’s everyone doing?