STK STKPC40 STK 40-Pack Extra Thick Power Clean Magic Eraser

Numerous reviews on the mothership say these fall apart in just a minute or two of use. I can’t say personally as I’ve not used them; just reporting what I read while deciding whether to order.

They work fine as a kitchen sponge for washing dishes or sink wipe-up and the price is very good.

The white material does split eventually and these are not as durable for rough scrubbing a as solid magic eraser.

I have bought both and use both.

I wish I had ordered more!! They are even better than the brand name, Mr Clean! They don’t fall apart after numerous usage like the brand name ones! I truly hope
WOOT gets them back in stock😁

Just crap. I was looking for Mr.Clean magic eraser and this was popped up. Its no way compared to it. I just wasted my money.