Stocking Stuffers for the Outdoorsy Types

Anybody have experience with CRKT knives? I missed this one but am looking at them over at since they are running a sale (you need to register to see their deals).

I have a cheapo CRKT lock knife that I use weekly that’s been either carried or sitting by my keyboard for five years. Inside that non-tactical experience, it has kept it’s edge (sharpened once or twice) well, and though I had to tighten the hinge once because it was loose, it was easy to adjust and lubricate. I think they a functional or better.

I have a S&W Cree HD Tactical flashlight that I have used for nightly tactical dog tactical walks. I also have run tactically with this flashlight, and un-tactically dropped it on the tactical sidewalk… multiple times. The tactical flashlight took this abuse without a tactical hiccup. I can’t comment on artifacts in the lens or other such things, as I don’t know much about it. As a daily use flashlight, this passes the (tactical and non-tactical) test.

Augh! I bought 3 of the DieHard 41-6008 95 Lumen Focusing LED Flashlight for $14.99 when they were first offered 3 weeks ago. A week an a half later, they came around again, but for $9.99. Sigh, but they were decent, so I sprang for 3 more. And yet another week later, now it’s $4.99?!!! (>_<)

I am feeling some serious buyer’s remorse :frowning:

Why is the flask listed here cheaper than the flask listed on the main woot. I know things change when reposted but usually their decent enough not to post it for a few days and post the same thing at a cheaper price at the same time.

Too bad these Broker knives are made in China…wondering about the quality now. Woot! aught to put the “made in…” tag on all of their stuff :frowning:

Saw the same flasks on a Target end-cap the other day for $15… hoping after the holiday they’ll go clearance.