Stocking Stuffers II: The Wrath Of Haun(akah)

Stocking Stuffers II: The Wrath Of Haun(akah)

Summerland Winery Santa Barbara County 2007 Pinot Noir Half-Bottle 12-Pack
$99.99 (Normally $144.00) 31% off List Price
2007 Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County 375ml

Castoro Cellars 2009 Merlot 1/2 Bottle Case
$87.99 (Normally $145.16) 39% off List Price
2009 Castoro Merlot, Paso Robles 375ml

Miner Family 2010 Viognier 1/2 Bottle Case
$97.99 (Normally $179.86) 46% off List Price
2010 Miner Family Viognier, Simpson Vineyard 375ml

Arcadian Holiday 1/2 Bottle Sampler 4-Pack
$84.99 (Normally $141.95) 40% off List Price
2005 Pisoni Vineyard Pinot Noir, Santa Lucia Highlands 375ml
2005 Fiddlestix Pinot Noir, Santa Rita Hills 375ml
2006 Stolpman Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley 375ml
2006 Sleepy Hollow Chardonnay, Santa Lucia Highlands 375ml

Quady 2010 Electra Moscato Half-Bottle Case
$89.99 (Normally $136.30) 34% off List Price
2010 Quady Electra Moscato 375 ml

Speaking of Chanukah/Haun(akah)/Hannukkah, are you planning to sell any kosher wines this week?

Good question. We’ll see if the powers that be are up for dropping any hints one way or another. :slight_smile:

Oh man I love Arcadian pinot…did not think I would see this on Woot…this really will hurt the budget!

I hope your Jewish friends don’t drink kosher, or else this is not for them!!!

Are we going to get something from Woot Cellars like last year’s Adequate Gift?

Edit: got my answer in another thread.

What? No case of Manischewitz???

Get your fizz on this holiday season with Quady’s Electra! Electra’s effervescent, sweet, light and refreshing apple and strawberry notes will enhance Christmas brunch or dinner. Light up their eyes with Electra in their stocking this year … unless Santa finds it first!

While I prefer the more full powered Quady Essensia, the Electra is a tasty low-alcohol alternative. As the description states there is only 4% alcohol, so one 375ml half bottle of this is pretty much the equivalent of drinking a 12oz (354ml) domestic beer, alcohol-wise.

Although I have 4 full sized bottles in my cellar, I’m thinking of buying these Baby Jesus bottles for gifting. My g/f really likes this wine and when we took a bottle of it to a party we got several compliments including a couple people who said they didn’t normally care for Moscato but liked the Electra.

…and done!
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You can add one of those to our list…


Finally! A wine I am brave enough to buy over the internet. I am not a wine expert by any means so I never know if I am getting what I want. I’ve heard people ask if I tried this stuff. I figure I’ll keep one for me, and give out the rest as stocking stuffers.

In on the miner Viognier case. My wife loves that wine.

Sure would be nice if we could mix and match… WD, you should consider a ‘choose your own mix case.’ You could offer a case for $99 and then let us select 4 sets of 3 bottles. Just a thought.


4 different 12 packs, but no 12 pack w/ 3 of each variety. :frowning:

Not sure what you are saying? This deal has 4 different 12 packs in it. I wasn’t suggesting a 12 pack with 3 of each variety. And I guess, looking at it more closely, my suggestion would have worked better with the previous deal where each case has multiple varieties in it, so let’s say you’d have 8-12 different varieties to choose from. I don’t remember the details of the last deal well enough to say exactly. But the idea is some people may want a little of everything, so may only want white, but not 12 bottles of the exact same one, same for red, or maybe ones desires are more finite than just red/white.

In this particular deal, I would take a case with 4 x Pinot Noir, 4 x Merlot, & 4 x Moscoto.

If I could find a handful of people that lived in NYC that wanted to create WW cooperative, we could work it out so we could all get smaller quantities but of more variety.

That’s how I read it too. For some price the buyer selects four sets of three, or three sets of four. But likely that would take a lot of handling, not just shoving cases around. Still, I like the idea.

Woot!, You seriously wasted your once-a-year Hanukah joke on a sale for non-kosher wine?
Way to go, Woot!
(if you do decide to sell kosher wine, PLEASE NO Manischewitz!)

Half-bottles? We don’t want no stinkin’ half-bottles. Give us quadruple-bottles! Carboys! Casks!

I mean, if ya really care about your “friends”…