Stocking Stuffers II: The Wrath Of Haun(akah)

Haha. Once you taste it, you won’t want to give ANY away. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I hope she enjoys! 2010 is one of the best vintages we made. Cool weather, high acid, lower alcohol!

Hey quadywinery: I might be in for this deal with a price adjustment. The Quady Electra Moscato is selling at your winery website for $5.99 a bottle or $71.88 a case plus shipping/tax vs. woot plus price of $89.99. Woot plus incorrectly posts original retail of $10/bottle rather than the current winery website price of $5.99/bottle. Only save a few bucks as this deal is currently offered.

Do a price adjustment and I’m in for 2 or 3 cases.

My wife loves the moscato. It’s very sweet with citrus hints. I’m in for a case.

…yeah, we saw this and called the winery to voice our concern. We dug a little deeper and discovered substantial shipping charges- thus ours is still the best deal to be had.

While I can’t stand WW’s math and their overt attempt at fraudulently making you think you are saving more than you really are, in this case I went to their website and the cost for this case from them, shipping to NYC is: $115.77. The WW price to NYC is: $94.99. The savings is: 18%. Nothing to balk at, but not a WW savings deal at all.

You really have to be careful these days. If you do your own research and math, you’ll find reality and what WW purports to be reality aren’t that close.

Bad Quady, bad! Still saving $20 by going through woot though, $25 if shipping is already covered from having purchased another deal.

Value of deal calculated by using the winewoot formula:

Winery website price $5.99 x 12 = $71.88
Average shipping = $15.00
Average Tax = 6.30
less woot shipping -($5.00)
MSRP = $93.18

Woot Plus price $89.99 plus shipping!

After adding shipping of $5.00…savings = (ZIP!)

Sorry, but have to pass on this although I do want some. Unfortunately, missed out on the Quady plus deal for the 750ml bottles of the same wine, which was a much better deal at $59.99 for 6 bottles.

If you’re claiming there is a 34% savings in this offer, this deal should have been priced similarly to the woot plus deal for 6 750ml bottles for $59.99. Not sure why the same quantity of wine, 12 375ml bottles, warrants a $30 premium over the same quantity of wine in 6 750ml bottles…just saying, it doesn’t make sense!

WD: The right thing to do on this offering is a price adjustment!

This is EXACTLY why woot math is more than just flawed but actually deceptive. There are 50 states plus DC. There are thousands of cities. Woot is doing their customers a disservice by using “average” tax and shipping. Those #'s are meaningless to most customers.

The true comparison is between the vineyards retail (or current web price) and woots price. Period.

The #'s no longer bother me b/c I know they are factually wrong. It’s the fact that woot has chosen to deceive it’s customers as a way of increasing sales. Hiding your math in the specs tab is, well deceptive itself b/c pricing is not a spec. Alcohol content is a spec.

If you want to show users how much tax and shipping will cost them, link them to the vineyard website or code your site to pull the data in from the vineyard. You are showing a real lack of respect for your customers. Some percentage won’t care and will buy simply because it’s a woot deal. Some will have no idea they need to look for the pricing details and then calculate for themselves what the savings really is. Some, those for which your “averages” match their costs will probably appreciate it. And some think that such overt attempts to full your customers is fraudulent and will find other sources for some or all of their shopping.

Do what’s right and stick to retail prices and nothing else. That’s the only fair and legitimate way to do it.

It’s not WD’s fault that Quady decided to discount the Electra 375s on its own website at the same time as being featured here. It does say right next to the $5.99 price on their website that it is regularly $10/bottle.

While I have mixed feelings about the new wine.woot discount formula, this is not a good deal to use as an example, since woot was undercut by the winery.

Winery cut the price to $5.99 since it was not priced right to begin with. They had it priced at $10 for 375ml and $13 for a 750ml. Easy choice…the larger bottle for $3 more. The 375mls were incorrectly priced too high and this is what the plus deal was based on.

But woot also listed average shipping at $15 and Quady wanted to charge me $36 for shipping. I don’t know if Quady jacked up the shipping to balance out the lower per bottle cost or if woot was just winging it with the original $15 estimate. Either way, I saved $20 buying through woot.

I’d be more upset if I bought one of the $22 wine keys today that sell for $11-12 on Amazon than I am about having purchased the Electra 375s.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t commit to buying it at this price. Wanted to try it, but it makes it pretty easy to PASS on this offer!

WD should have adjusted the pricing on this offer, since it has been done before in instances like this, unless the winery did not want to budge. If that’s the case, I vote for not inviting them back!

Don’t fret WD & TT, Wine Woot will get my money on another deal!

In fact, I just spent some of it on 3 boxes of Fleur de Sel Salted Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels on Home Woot!

This may have been discussed before…hope someone could (link) to me - I normally do my homework but tonight am very tired

Can someone please let me in on why someone should order 1/2 bottles?

I do not see any true “pros” except for those people that want to look cool drinking the entire bottle (Wine Wednesday womens night anyone?)

Hmm for me, I would want full bottles especially for gift-giving or just to crack open and share with a lady for a nice date over a home-cooked meal.


There’s no benefit wine-wise. It’s just convenience if you’re with a non-wine drinker or alone. They’re also convenient for something like Porto or LH wines since you drink so much less at a time.

My wife only enjoys white wine (where I drink a lot more red)so the 1/2 bottles if priced appropriately are perfect, she can open it and know there’s exactly two glasses of wine it and have no fear of spoilage if she doesn’t get the 2nd half of a 750ml bottle with in night or two.

You can put a bottle in each sock and sneak them into the movies. Whee!

Could these things take any longer to ship? My order “Shipped” a week after I ordered it, but that just means the label was printed. The carrier didn’t actually get it until 5 days later. I’m going to pass on this one, next time. Maybe I should avoid wine.woot all together if this is the service I am going to get from their winery partners.

Can it take longer?
Heck yeah!

Take a look at our FAQ:

“How long is shipment going to take?
You should get your wine in 2-3 weeks, often sooner. We know the wait is kind of a drag. But it’s still gonna taste good (maybe even better), and since we leave it to the wineries to get the wine to you, you can count on their experience to send their wine using their expert methodologies.”

Seriously, sorry about the delay. It’s usually pretty quick, but everybody’s slammed this time of year, I’m sure.

I can understand the two to three week thing, really I can. But when you tell me it’s shipped and then wait 5 days to give it to the carrier? That’s what bugs me the most. I’ll remember this next time though. I mainly got these to shove in peoples stockings. It should get here in time for that, so there is no harm this time. :slight_smile: I would also suggest selling Voulet Antichi Giochi Piemontesi Cfasorzo 2011. That stuff is borderline grape juice with a hint of fizz. I’d buy as many of that as I possibly could if you had it. :slight_smile: it’s $18 a bottle here. :frowning: Thank you for your response.