Stolen design "This is Fine Remix"

The “This is Fine Remix” design is clearly stolen from 100% soft AKA Truck Torrence. I know Woot plays fast and loose with copyright but it is super shitty to rip off an independent artist.

What is the best way to report this and get it taken down? I have already emailed customer support. Note that the first time it was posted there was enough response that it was taken down, I don’t know why they’re promoting it now.

@Lady5tark? I think this is your department.

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There’s an existing thread about it:

They look nothing alike

They look completely alike, down to the color scheme and angle.

Reverse angle. Fire is still on the left side, so not mirror copy. (Not just flipped horizontal)

I don’t think it’s stolen, I think both are probably based/inspired by similar gifs and memes.

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Yeah, I mean, most dumpsters do look alike.