Stolen Heart

More of a smash up

Meanwhile the cowardly lion is making off with his triforce of courage.

Excellent shirt kg’!

Congrats on the daily, kg07! Clever mash-up. And your half-toning is getting really good!

I just can’t see the tin man as a thief!

I love love LOVE this design! Nice work, Kg07! Now I don’t know what my fav design of yours is. This, or “A Simple Question”. I may have to buy them both the next order I place.,1,169,124.png

Well he is pretty heartless. Most of the time anyway.

Thanks guys! Decided that murder and theft should be less controversial than politics. :slight_smile:

great design kg07 loving the kelly green vibe :slight_smile: congrats

Haha, turns out you’re right.

I really love this- Two of my favorite characters. :slight_smile:

Thanks MrBigNell! Wish they still had $5 flat shipping so there was an advantage to buying multiple designs.

Thanks Oakenspirit! My son played the Tin Man in the Wiz last summer and I have been trying to get him (the Tin Man) in some designs ever since. I also teach 1800’s US history and the symbolism and meaning of the Wizard of Oz to people from that time is a really cool topic. At that time, however, they had a very limited knowledge of Link…