Stone & Beam Indoor Fan with Remote

Stone & Beam Indoor Fan with Remote

Any idea of the lumens? Wattage of the light? Equivalent wattage?

Lumens: 1600, CRI: 90, color temperature: 3000K dimmable.

I’ve been an electrician for 40 years and while I do embrace LED technology I’m apprehensive with lighting fixtures that I can’t repair. The fixture on this fan has no replaceable bulbs so when it goes out it’s time to buy another fan. 1600 lumens is pretty bright. 2700K is the same color as an incandescent bulb but 3000k isn’t bad. Once you get above 3000K the color appears to get brighter and bluer in color. I don’t know who makes these fans but Lowes and Home Depot also carry what looks like the same fan only under a different name.


Yeah, I’m not really seeing the market for one day deal ceiling fans.

That was my initial thought/question too…I’m right there with you.