Stonier Australian Pinot Noir (3)

Stonier Australian 2005 Pinot Noir 3-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $75.00) 47% off List Price
2005 Stonier Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula Australia
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I was interested, until I saw the window passed a few years ago. Has anyone tried them? I dont plan on consuming all 3 anytime soon, how long of a cellar life do you think is left?

Bought the 2005 on the 3/3/12 wine.woot. Absolute swill.

All the cellartracker reviews from this year say it’s still drinking well; fruit forward and slightly spicy!

I don’t have much experience with aged pinot’s, or australian pinot’s for that matter. I might just have to pull the trigger on these; kill two birds with one stone :wink:

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Well i found it spicy, earthy, with nice fruit, nice acidity and low alcohol. I really liked it and better yet my wife loved it. Great every day drinker. YMMV

If you click “Edit” to the left of where the drinking window is shown in CT, you can see that there was only 1 user who specified a drinking window so I wouldn’t put too much stock in that number.

Then there is the matter of aging with screw cap enclosures to consider…

I got this during woot-off in early August, it was $10 more then. I’ve had one and found it drank pretty well for the price. May open another now to verify, but I’m pretty sure I’m in for 1 or two more in this round!

anyone else from CT blocked from buying wine???

What does CT have to do with buying WW wine…?

They meant CT the state.
For darcie1229:
[*] Every winery needs a separate license from each state which is why your state isn’t listed.

Yikes! I haven’t tried mine yet! I was afraid of that - Why else the price drop? Any other opinions out there?

Two others enjoyed it. Read the few comments above yours.

Ahhh, yes, of course. Those of us in CA have difficulty relating to that, but we also have a very broken state in other matters.