Stonier Australian Pinot Noir

Stonier Australian Pinot Noir
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 3 2005 Stonier Pinot Noir
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I wish we’d see Rasmussen’s Estorica PS this woot off. I loved it from the last time!!

This. A thousand times this.

Miller Wine Works was great too (from many Woot-Offs ago)

Aussie wine is so hard to find in San Francisco. As a Florida boy, I loved almost any Aussie wine. In for 1!

WD gave this a good rec in the what are you drinking thread…i’m in!

i had this the other night while watching Lebron just go off. undeniable greatness (IMO). and the wine is really drinking nicely (IMHO).

In for 2… this is my last woot for the day unless the 1869 zin shows up… at least that’s what I’m telling myself… now time to get drunk and make room for some of this new stuff.

I’ve been saying all Woot-off that I was holding out for a Pinot, Sangiovese, and/or Chianti… so I suppose I’d be dishonest if I didn’t click the big yellow button.

Plus, an average of 87.6 / 89 median (14 notes) on CT is quite good. Add to that comments like “wish I’d bought more of this” and how can I say no?!?

In for one!

And never had an Aussie Pinot

How much of a window would you consider this still has (IYHO)? Tempted but unable to enjoy for awhile. Thanks David was selling it for 19.99 but its sold out. I’m in for one.

Bought this last time it was offered, and really liked it. In for another one.

Already 7 years old, under screw-cap already for 6 years… I’m skeptical. I don’t think I’ve had anything aged that long under a metal closure. Better screw-cap than a plastic cork, certainly.

And Aussie wines generally aren’t built for aging, so my inclination would be to drink up. Still, maybe at this price it’s a worthwhile experiment – Try one bottle a week or so after arrival, the second in a year, and so on…


I would say this is a drink now wine. But I would pretty much say this about every wine…

Thank you, appreciate your help. I’ll store all your great info…will have to take a pass on this one…I’m at minimum 6 months out at the possibility of enjoying my wines again…upside, I can keep adding to them :slight_smile:

yea, i’d consume in now through the next 18 months to be safe.

Wine under screw caps does not age as far as I can tell. Sadly.

This was nicely proven over a decade ago when some 1934 Columbard made at the UC Davis facilities and capped with a crown seal closure and stored carefully was opened. It was as young and fresh as the day it was bottled according to reports.

To my mind, putting any wine with any aging potential in a screw cap is a crime.

Wines made to be ready to drink, with no significant aging potential - which is really probably 90% of red wine and 95% of white wine - screw caps and other non-cork non-permeable closures are fine, but not wines that can develop in the bottle.

How can you tell the difference between a screwcal and a stelvin closure, or other screw/modern semi-permeable closures. for example, I thought the screwcaps on the Ramal PNs were permeable, for example!

Thank you for the kind words about Miller Wine Works PN! Cheers to you! clink
Susan for MWW