Stop the Intolerance

And I laughed. The bread might have cried. But I laughed.

Oh boy— now my food is talking to me. It’s sure turning out to be a strange week!

A most excellent design.

Hmmm - get me some strawberry jam…I’m looking at breakfast here…

Those protest signs – well done! Congrats on the print. :slight_smile:

After I clean up this coffee that I spit up when I saw this I shall buy one. Freaking hilarious. Nice work!

As funny as possible for mocking equality.

Wow this is great!

Hahaha this is too ingeniously hilarious! Nice job to the designer. I really don’t need anymore hoodies, but dang it this cause warrants support.

It looks like Homer Simpson was in charge of the write-up.

that peanut needs his own shirt.