Storage Bed with Drawers - Your Choice!

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Storage Bed with Drawers - Your Choice!
Price: $249.99 - 349.99
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7/19/2016 - $199.99 - 349.9 - Click To See Discussion (28 comments)

We bought this set (king size) online and are very happy with it. We have owned ours now for about 8 years and it is sturdy and solid and supports our box springs and memory foam mattress just fine. Just be careful to get the base square or you’ll end up with a drawer that closes but leaves a corner sticking out (ouch!)

You can also buy additional matching pieces for these, like hutches, bedside tables and more.

If I have a memory foam mattress with no box springs, will this work with just the slats or will I need a sheet of plywood?

I have just a mattress on this (king size) with no box spring, on just the slats. Works fine for us.

Every time these come up for sale, someone posts this guide, which I highly recommend following. I did exactly this and am very happy with the bed, except for the drawer alignment issue Ptommy mentioned above.

Is this an eastern king or California King?

The one that I have, which is not from Woot, is a regular king. I’d think if it were California king they would list that on the product page.

It says the Queen size supports 500 lbs. I don’t know what my box spring and mattress weigh, but I know moving them is no fun. Mattress is a pretty tall pillow top. Would this be enough to support those and 2 adults?

What @sunnyx0r said. We’d list it as Cal. King if it were that size.

Thanks for the link to the guide! Took the plunge, will head out the hardware store in advance of the delivery.

How easy is it to move the bed around, when set up? My bed would have to be against a wall on one side, so the drawers, on that side would not be accessible unless the bed could be moved easily.

The Twin XL is the size I’d be choosing; however, I’ve never HEARD of this size. Is it common enough that I should be able to find mattresses and sheets for it easily enough? It’d be a drag to find out that I couldn’t find stuff that fits after I bought it.

In my experience, the more times you move the bed, the more drawers will go out of alignment. We built ours, had one drawer cockeyed, then moved the bed to paint, and a second drawer went cockeyed. I don’t know what size you’re looking at, but the king size is not easy to move around. If you need to move the bed frequently I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Twin XL is what most college dorms use, so finding bedding generally is not difficult

Does everyone who buys this bed, go through the above steps? is this something where you can build the bed, then decide you need this, and go back and do it?

Second, how heavy/large are the boxes? I’m thinking about the queen, but I may have to store them next to my stairs until I’m ready (or, godforbid, my mothers garage). If I have to move them, will they fit in the back of a small/medium SUV (Rav-4)?

So I just ordered this bed and the PuraSleep mattress that Woot also has on sale right now (we’ve been looking for a new mattress so I figured change up the bed frame too!)

My question: We have wood floors that scratch fairly easily. The bed we have now has four feet that we have placed on those little furniture slide discs to eliminate scratches from slight movements of the bed. Any recommendations on what I could use with this bed, seeing as how it doesn’t have individual feet?

To do all of the steps in the guide after the bed is finished, you would have to remove the mattress and probably remove each slat. Then you can run the felt on the support beam, replace the slats, and do the rest of the guide before replacing the mattress. So yes, I would say you can try it out as-is and it wouldn’t be too much trouble to go through the extra guide steps later.

As for the size, I can’t say for certain as the packaging dimensions aren’t listed. But the largest dimension should be the largest dimension (probably length) of whatever bed you’re ordering, plus a little for packaging. It does ship in three separate boxes so if your distance from storage to home is short, you could take up to three trips if necessary.

Perhaps someone from Woot would be able to provide package dimensions?

The guide recommends running felt tape along the bottom of the bed to avoid scratching wood floors. I have not had this particular bed on a wood floor so I can’t say for certain. I have had other beds on a wood floor and my feeling is that felt tape would not have been enough to avoid gouges. Not sure that really helps you at all, but that’s my two cents.

Condsidering getting this but one question: occurs to me that if you have a nightstand tight to the bed on both sides then two of the drawers become inaccessible, is that right? Not that that’s necessarily a deal breaker, just a factor.