Storage Bin + Louvered Panel - Choose Your Size

I want to buy this but I can’t choose an option…

Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve notified the correct people and this should be updated pretty quick. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Nor can I,
por que woot, WHY?

Too Late, I just nailed some coffee cans to the wall…

Sigh. I wish someone would nail me to the wall.

I’ve been meaning to pick some of these up, they are a great way to organize the garage. Get a label maker, and you will save a ton of time looking for stuff. Too bad I’m hoping to move soon and will have to box everything up anyways.

Why won’t you just take my monies?!?!

Hi, buyer here. While our techies are working diligently to fix the web site, you impatient few can hop onto our mobile site and buy buy buy. We’ll be happy to take your money there.

Ah, Central Standard. What surprises will you bring tomorrow…

Why can’t I choose ???

Like @noahsbagels said above, you can currently order via mobile. The main site should be working soon.
Sorry for the trouble!

Noah go on the mobile website either, Noah.

And tomorrow’s big surprise from Central Standard Time may just be being an hour late for work
: it’s now Central Daylight Time.

I was able to add them all to my cart just now from the mobile site. Individually, of course, as there is that limit of 3.

I’ve tried the mobile site 4 times but it errors when I hit “add to cart” each time. These are great for my mechanic hubby. HELP

Mobile site worked for me, make sure you haven’t instructed your browser to take you to the full desktop site!

A couple are available from the desktop version of the website at this point, guys.

Edit: They’re all available! :slight_smile:

As George Hosato Takei would say… “oh MY!”

You may be right, Stimpy, but it doesn’t mean I’m coming in to work any earlier.

First of all, I don’t understand why the 7"x4"x3" 24-pack of berry costs the same as 7"x4"x3" 12-pack of light blue.

Second of all, it seems as though if you don’t mind having the light blue instead you can save $6 by buying the panel and the bins separately (for $24 and $25 respectively) in the Woot Plus section.

Unless you love the colors, similar storage bins and racks are available for FAR less elsewhere. For example, is a similar set for under $20 delivered. Or has the blue and red bins, more of them, and for under $25 (add a small item, go over $25, and get free shipping).