Storage Bin + Louvered Panel - Choose Your Size

except the ones you referred to are cheap junk in comparison to this. for $40 the first one is actually a great deal.

i have a bunch of bins, but no louvered panel. i can’t seem to find a single long row horizontal panel, so might just have to jury rig something together myself.

this cube arrangement seems kind of less than ideal/wasteful.

Yeah me thinks woot no respect it’s buyers enough to think we would notice that this option and the next one with the 11x5x5’s are both only 49$ if you order separately from the woot plus vs if you order the package together - on the other hand the way they changed their shipping “for less clicks at a small cost of 5$ per click saved” really made me wonder if they thought we were brain dead as well.

I believe that 12 pack at 7x4x3 is a typo. when you look at the pictures and under the specs tab they don’t list a 12 pack of the 7x4x3. It does list a 12 pack of 11x4. Woot should clarify the typo.

Open bins like this haven’t worked for me.
The little bins slowly fill with sawdust, dirt, bugs or whatever…
I went to drawers, because of woodworking, metalworking, small engine repair and everyday projects causing dust to get everywhere (even when using dust collection)…

Agreed. I have open shelves and bins and they are constantly getting covered in dust and sawdust.

I can see a use for these in my Lego closet. My only concern is if a bin is knocked loose.

Time to go measure before they sell out.

I picked these up in a previous woot and they work great in my office.

You can just squeeze in 18 of the 11x5x5 bins on a louvered panel, but 3 rows of 5 fit much more comfortably.

should and will.
**11x4 is correct. **

the menu will be revised.

thanks for spotting the error and apologies for any confusion.

Stan from Akro-Mils here - I thought you might want to know how many total bins can fit on each panel:

5" x 4" x 3" Bin = 32
7" x 4" x 3" Bin = 32
11" x 4" x 4" Bin = 24
11" x 5" x 5" Bin = 18

You can grab some more bins in the Woot Plus event below.