Storage Bin with Pull Handle

Storage Bin with Pull Handle

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These are a Greenbrier International product (Dollar Tree) and are $1.25 each. You should be getting a 6-pack of these for $7.00. Just trying to figure out the pricing justification from Woot.


Based on the price to us. Here it is on Amazon.

Answer the question. It doesn’t matter if a random seller is selling it for an inflated, scam price on Amazon. Why is Woot selling this item at an inflated price, fully knowing this item is commonly available for $1.25? Are we to assume Woot justifies scummy prices by making seller accounts on Amazon?

How have you been a member since 2014 and act like you’re just now discovering that Woot has 3rd party vendors and that sometimes those vendors make ridiculous markups?

Also, the comments section allows for others who actually do their due diligence to post their findings.

Well hi there. Glad you could join us.

I don’t explain our pricing. Never have. Not something many retailers do.

We get inventory direct, 3rd party vendors, and Amazon overstock. And probably something else I’m missing.

However, if you can find this brand/item cheaper online delivered to your home, then we can talk.

Have a good day.